The Dangers of DIY Freon Repairs

While there may be many YouTube videos and “how-to” articles online regarding how to refill your Air Conditioning unit with freon, it doesn’t mean that this is a good idea. Trying to do this on your own can result in not only damaging your A/C unit, but also yourself! Here are only a few of the many reasons why you should never try to refill freon on your own.


Freon is a Very Dangerous Chemical

Accidental inhalation of freon can cut oxygen from reaching vital organs and cells in your body. Spilling the chemical onto your skin can also result in injury. This chemical can harm you in many ways and therefore should only be handled by a licensed professional!

Freon May Not Be the Issue

Just because your Google search told you that a low level of freon might be the issue, it’s also very likely that it’s not the issue. Without consulting a professional, you could be risking damage to yourself and the unit without knowing with certainty that a low level of freon is causing the issue.

Overfilling the Unit with Too Much Freon

The most common result of DIY freon refills is overfilling the unit with freon. This could cause severe damage to the compressor. Many of the DIY freon products only show the freon pressure and not the actual amount of freon. This makes it very easy for an amateur to make this very costly mistake.

Increase in Electric Bills

By attempting to fix the unit yourself, you are eliminating the possibility of lowering your electric bill as much as a professional can. For example, accidentally overfilling your unit with freon will cause it to work harder and use more electricity. While trying to save a few bucks on hiring a professional, you will certainly pay more in the long run!


For the reasons above, and many more, please contact L&M HVAC to repair your unit. We can pinpoint the issue and if it does turn out to be the freon levels causing the issue, we can adjust the levels safely and effectively.