Importance of Regular Residential Air Conditioning Maintenance

Thanks to air conditioning, we have a refreshing retreat from those hot spring and summer days. It’s what keeps your family cool and comfortable…except when it’s malfunctioning. Air condition units need to have regular maintenance completed on it to ensure optimum performance. It also helps to avoid any sudden break downs where you could be left without AC for days at a time. There are many benefits to regular maintenance for your AC unit. Below are just a few!


Enjoy Maximum Comfort

When you come home after a hot day at the park or beach, the last thing you want is to wait an hour until the house finally cools down. By ensuring maintenance is performed regularly on your unit, you can rely on your air conditioning to cool you down quickly and efficiently.

Extends its Lifespan

All machines are prone to wear and tear. AC units will deteriorate just like any other machine. As the years pass, it’s performance and reliability will start to decline. You can increase the lifespan of an AC unit by ensuring it is maintained properly by a professional. You will also be alerted by the pro when it is time to get a new unit before it fails.

Saves energy

One of the most frustrating parts of running the air conditioning is the corresponding electric bill. Maintaining your unit also helps you lower that bill by ensuring it is not working harder than it needs to throughout the spring and summer. There are many filters that can be changed in your system. If changed regularly, it will help the airflow to travel easily throughout your system.


Don’t wait for a malfunction or a failure to call a repairman. Ensure you will be cool all summer through conducting regular maintenance on your system. Call L&M HVAC to schedule an appointment!