Switching from Heat to Air Conditioning in A Large Building

Once you install a cooling system in your building, you expect to enjoy controlled temperatures. However, this may not always be the case. Occasionally, you are likely to encounter hiccups from the unit. If you are switching from a heat to air conditioning unit, here are some of the problems you are likely to face:

Irregular temperatures

Some rooms are likely to be warmer or even colder than others are immediately after the switch over. These irregular temperatures can be quite drastic.  The location of the unit is another factor that may cause irregular temperature changes. Regular maintenance ensures all the debris in the ducts are cleared and boosts the efficiency of the system.

Freezing pipes

The temperatures outside will keep rising and falling depending on the season. However, if you were to install pipe insulation, you don’t have to worry. A change from a working air conditioner to a broken heating unit is likely to lead to frozen pipes throughout the building. Engage with an experienced company when switching from heat to air conditioning for your building.

Inadequate airflow

Working in a stuffy office is not your idea of a comfy and serene environment. If you are putting up with this kind of scenario, you risk catching colds and nasal infections. This eventually leads to low staff productivity due to sick offs and a poor working environment. If the air filters are not clean, airflow will be minimized. It could also be as a result of poorly installed ductwork. The only way to be sure of the problem is to have the units checked. Regular maintenance will also ensure the air filters, and cleaners are always in mint condition.

Enjoying the comfort of your office is within reach. Ensure the air conditioning unit and heating unit of your building are always in excellent condition through regular maintenance and switching from heat to air conditioning will be flawless.