How To Prevent Drafts From Entering Your Home

One of the most common reasons for a spike in your gas bill is a drafty home. Even a small draft can make It much more difficult for your home to get to and stay at your preferred temperature. So before breaking down and lowering your preferred temperature to save money, try these easy draft preventing tips first!


Throw Rug

Hardwood floors are very popular but unfortunately, they insulate a room much less effectively than carpeting. Thankfully there is a solution to keep your beautiful flooring and reduce the risk of unpleasantly cold feet. Adding a throw rug to your room can give your room a decorative touch while serving this purpose. You can utilize it in the winter only and it is much more pleasant to walk on than on a cold hardwood floor.


Weather Stripping on Doors

A common draft culprit are your home’s doors to the outside. Weather stripping is a very simple way to prevent cold air from entering the home right through your front door! Even though the door is closed, there is still the potential of gaps in between the door and door frame. If you want to check if your door is allowing air to enter the home, then a creative way to find out is to light an incense stick and hold it around the door frame. If you notice the smoke is moving, then there is a draft!


Caulking Windows

Even though windows could have been properly installed in your home, the house will slightly shift over time. As a result, some small gaps may be created near the windows. These gaps may be small in size but could create a large increase in your gas bill over time. Caulking the holes shut will prevent cold air and other things like bugs, dirt, and pollen, from entering your home.


If you are looking for any more draft preventing tips, give us a call! We can take a look at your system as well to see if some maintenance would also improve your home’s temperature control.