Benefits of Regular Maintenance on Your Heating System

Your heating system will be turned on soon. Do you remember the last time it was serviced? Did you know that it is recommended to have your system inspected annually? If you answered “no” to either of these questions, then you need to have your system serviced before you make the switch from AC to heat. There are many positives to servicing your system annually, below are just a few.


Lower Your Risk for Malfunctions

One of the worst feelings in the world is attempting to turn on the heat on a cold day only to have it malfunction. An even worse feeling is finding out that you could have saved a lot of money if the system was maintained regularly. Regular maintenance will most likely catch a problem before it results in a system breakdown.


Provide an Opportunity for Preemptive Repairs

Regular maintenance can potentially catch parts of the system that are wearing down and need to be replaced prior to it breaking down. HVAC professionals, like L&M HVAC, can recognize these parts very easily in a heating system.


Avoid Carbon Monoxide Leaks

All gas furnaces naturally produce carbon monoxide. Only malfunctioning units will improperly ventilate the dangerous gas out of your home. Having your system inspected annually will greatly reduce the chance of carbon monoxide entering your home.


Increase the Lifespan of The System

Everyone wants their system’s lifespan to be as long as possible. Regular maintenance is a great way to extend the lifespan of your heating unit. You can rest easy knowing that your system will be reliable to keep you warm even on some of the coldest days in the winter.


Contact L&M HVAC to conduct your annual servicing on both your heating unit and air conditioning unit. These checkups are an investment into your systems. They will run better and last longer with proper servicing. Our employees have over 15 years of experience and top of the line equipment to ensure your system is properly serviced.