How Furnaces Have Changed Over The Years

You rely on your furnace to heat your home and keep you and your family warm through the cold winter months. Furnaces have come a long way since the wood burning days, but the most modern changes in the common household furnace have been made in the last decade. Let’s look at how furnaces have progressed in the last ten years.


A furnace in the ’80s used to take up half of your basement. Now, thanks to computer designs and electronic controls, furnaces are small and compact and don’t take up much of your valuable space. Smaller sizes mean easier installation as well.


You can probably still recall the sound your furnace made when it cranked on in your childhood home. Because of quieter, more efficient motors and advancements like baffles and installed panels, modern-day furnaces are so quiet that you barely notice they’re on.


Modern-day furnace controls are incredibly user-friendly and convenient. You can even get a smart thermostat that you can control with your phone from anywhere.


The most dramatic changes to furnaces have been the advancement in comfort they provide to the homeowner. They can stay as close to your set temperature as possible almost constantly, so your home never drops to an uncomfortable¬†temperature or overheats. Microprocessors in the motors can sense decreased air flow due to dirty air filters and will balance out, so you never experience a drop in temperature. And they’re able to do all this while using 75% less energy than older models.


Furnaces made within the last ten years are extremely safe due to pressure and temperature sensors that react by automatically shutting off the system when they sense a problem.

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