Tips to Lower Your AC Energy Costs

Summers in New Jersey can be brutal, and there’s nothing more refreshing than walking inside your air-conditioned home after being outside in the sun. But energy bills can skyrocket in the summer, messing with your entire monthly budget and tightening your wallet during a time when you’re supposed to be enjoying the more relaxing things summer has to offer. There are ways you can lessen your energy bill while still enjoying a cool home. Here are tips to lower your air conditioner energy costs.

Use a Ceiling Fan

Using a ceiling fan can help circulate the cool air in your home, especially in rooms that tend to stay warmer than others. Running a fan costs significantly less than running your AC, so you could run the fan all day while setting your thermostat a little higher and still save money on your energy bill.

Program Your Thermostat

Almost all thermostats these days have programmable settings that can really make a difference in your energy costs. Setting your system at a higher temperature at night while you’re sleeping and during the day while you’re at work can save you a lot of money.

Maintaining Your Air Conditioning Unit

Regular maintenance and repairs are essential to keep your AC unit working efficiently. If your system has a neglected issue that is causing it to overwork or run constantly, that could greatly increase your energy bill. Systems over ten years old should be inspected yearly and newer systems should be inspected every other year for best results.

Keep Your Curtains, Blinds and Shades Closed

Sunlight in a room is appealing, but it can quickly heat things up. To save as much energy as possible, keep all windows covered during the day, especially when you’re not home. 

Using these great tips will make a huge difference and lower your air conditioner energy costs quicker than you realize. Start implementing them today to save money on your energy costs.